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What is Saga Explorer?
Our amazing range of small-ship cruises aboard Saga Sapphire and Saga Pearl II offer a special type of cruising experience. But the ships themselves are just half the story - it's what you'll be doing when you go ashore when the adventures begin. Our new video-based website brings it all to life.
Insider tips & advice
No one knows our cruises better than our Captains and travel staff, so the website is also a place where they can share insider tips and advice. From the best time of year to visit, to little-known attractions and that one excursion you just won't want to miss, it's your chance to be inspired by those in the know.
Try it yourself
See an experience or excursion you'd love to try? Look for the pop-up links as you watch the videos - they'll take you directly to the Saga website, so you can book a cruise visiting that region and try it for yourself!